WoodMade: wood, our soul

We are a company specialized on the design and the manufacture of laminated and solid wood window frames, shutters, interior and exterior doors. We can supply a wide range of products made from hardwood, and we assure a perfect finishing and outline research to exactly match any customer's requirements.

Essences and Colors
WoodMade S.r.l.
Wood, our soul
Laminated and solid wood window frames

Viale delle Industrie - Zona 1
Z.I. ASI Modica/Pozzallo
97015 - Modica (RG)
Legal Head Office
Via Gioberti, 4/A
95014 - Giarre (CT)
Vat Number IT 04937390872
N. REA CT-331291
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Telephone +39 0932 902330
Fax +39 0932 777628
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